Reserved seating events in San Miguel de Allende,
it has never been easier…

Why Boleto City?

We are a retail and online event ticketing, event assistance, and event promotion company based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The company has been in continuous operation since 2018, with its headquarters and retail box office at Mercado Sano, Ancha de San Antonio 123, second floor. An affiliated company, Boleto City Productions, handles all aspects of producing events; for more info click here. 

Prime Location

Our retail box office conveniently located in Mercado Sano, a popular mart comprising stores, restaurants, and a cinema. Mercado Sano is a magnet for tourists, and has available parking. 

Hassle Free

Boleto City’s website has been lauded for its simple, uncluttered design, ease of use, security and stability. It is fully featured on
smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktop computers. 

We’re By Your Side

We work closely with our event-provider clients to try to ensure the success of all the events we handle. Boleto City has received many testimonials from clients for its high degree of personalized service. 


Boleto City has three core packages – Basic, Pro, and Intermediate – which are described below. The Intermediate Package is a new, unbundled product that did not exist last year. Specific product features may be customized according the client’s needs.  


Is ideal for clients with small events with no reserved seating.
Retail sales at Mercado Sano, Monday through Saturday, 11am to 5pm.
Customer transactions in cash or with a credit or debit card
Blurb describing your event in our weekly email newsletter
LCD screen at the box office to display your event poster
Multiple event dates and variable ticket prices, subject to limitations for this package
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Ideal for clients doing their own promotion
Everything from the Basic Package
Ticket sales at our website
High-quality thermal-printed tickets
Interactive seating charts at box office and our website.
Counter display for your event fliers
QR codes on all e-tickets.
Clickable banner on the landing page of the website.
Event page on the website listings on our calendar
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*All prices are in mexican pesos



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